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Dear Home-Flipper,

Do you want to make more money in a few months than you made last year? Do you have the confidence and desire to flip homes for profit? If you've been looking for an opportunity to make money on a real estate flip then all you need is the inside knowledge to make your flip a profitable one!

Real estate has always been a great way to make money, but when you get into 'flipping' homes your instincts have to be especially sharp and your decisions smart  or else YOU"LL end up losing big time! Don't get worried, just get the information YOU need to make BIG MONEY flipping homes!

 “Can YOU Flip a Home for Profit?”

Flipping can be as easy or as hard as you make it. By choosing the right property for your experience and skill level you can make a little money with an easy flip OR jump into a bigger job with a bigger pay out!

Is flipping risky? Every investment has risks, the management of those risks comes with knowledge of the market, good research and great deal making. By putting your investment in your OWN hands you can control how much, or how little a risk to take.

Can I still make money flipping homes in this market? Real estate development is a huge business and if you're considering flipping homes you need to look at it like a business person. If real estate is being bought and sold in your neighborhood you know somebody's making money - why couldn't that be YOU?

 "Where Do You Start?”

Your enthusiasm has taken you this far, but where do you begin to buy a property, plan the changes and get it sold? Practical advice and tips to make your flip a smoother process are just what you need... 

You're ready to take the next step, so find out more about ...

How to 'Flip' Homes for PROFIT!

  • Can You Handle Flipping a House?

  • What does flipping homes demand from you? Find out if flipping is for you.

  • Tips for Creating a Successful Flipping Strategy

  • Learn how to create a successful strategy for your flip, just like the pros.

  • How to Build a Great Team

  • Find out how to get the RIGHT people for the job - a critical factor for flippers.

  • Tips for Getting Financing for Your Flip

  • Where and how can you find the money to get your flip off the ground?

  • How to Determine What Amount of Profit You Could Make    

  • Work out the approximate profit for a potential property flip.

  • What Legal and Tax Issues Will You Need to Know?

  • Learn the common legal and tax issues home flippers need to know.

  • Keys for Spotting a Potential Flip    

  • Develop your eye to spot a great deal - before anyone else!

  • Tips for Negotiating the Buyer Price

  • Find out how to negotiate the lowest possible price for your potential flip.
  • What to Look for on Inspection of a Flip    

  • What to watch for during an inspection and when to run from a property!

  • Tips for Dealing with Foreclosure Properties

  • Learn more about the process of foreclosure and how to participate in buying a foreclosed property.
  • Steps for Prioritizing the Work on Your Flip

  • Learn key skills for prioritizing work and making SMART financial decisions.

  • Key Areas to Focus Your Time and Money

  • Learn about the key areas flippers need to focus on to make a profitable flip.
  • How to Create Curb Appeal

  • Learn how curb appeal can help you sell your home fast and how to do it.

    What You’ll Also Get…

  • How to Make Impact on a Budget

  • Find out some great budget-friendly ideas for creating impact without a lot of money.

  • Common Home Flipping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

  • Avoid these common flipping mistakes to ensure the most return for your investment.

 “Yes, YOU Can be a Home Flipper Too!”

Whether you are an experienced builder, knowledgeable about real estate or just have a passion for designing great homes, you can learn the skills you need to flip a home for profit. 

Making wise choices from the beginning will help you protect your investment by staying in control of the costs, completion times and changes made to the property. But the only way to make the right choices is to be fully informed BEFORE you start!

If you know you have the drive and energy to make money flipping homes, download ‘How to Flip Homes for Profit’ right now!

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David Deschaine

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